The Melting Stress Workshop

Sunday, March 11th at 4 pm

Stress has a way of popping up in our lives and it can be difficult to find healthy ways of dealing with it. This workshop revolves around using Yogic practices, Mental Imagery and Myofascial Release techniques to release stress from our minds and bodies. This workshop opens with a relaxing guided meditation in a reclining posture. Following Meditation several Pranayama (Breathwork) techniques are guided so one can learn to guide breath through tension to actively release it. Afterward, a massage ball is used to actively seek out points of tension we hold on to but may not be aware of. As we learn to work with these points of tension, breathwork is coached to help us realize how we react to stress and how to alleviate it in the moment. Rounding out the practice will be a short series of Restorative Postures on a bed of props followed by a Yoga Nidra (guided deep relaxation) session. During this reclining meditation, special attention will be paid to emotional centers within the body to release long-held stress.

Price $35

Duration 2 Hours

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